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About Us

Blé Gourmet is a full fledge bakery house offering tasty baked goods that are freshly prepared each day. Our range includes artisan and traditional loaf breads, a variety of buns and rolls and a large selection of breakfast bakery products and gourmet desserts.

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Our Story: About Us

What makes us special?

Our mission has remained the same since we first decided to bake great bread, and became passionately committed to producing fresh, quality baked goods that will delight consumers.

We are realistic enough to understand that to meet the high demand from the retail, catering and food service markets, the products have to come from a modern industrial facility and be made to exacting standards of hygiene and quality.

Our dedication to excellent breads and bakery products made with care and integrity extends to encompass each and every item.

Blé modern commercial bakery is run on a very simple principle - top quality first time, every time.

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